Rotating Drop Schedule Test Run – March 9

March 1st, 2017

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Dear Parents,

Over the past five years, North Warren Regional has been investigating alternative educational schedules. Having the ability to provide all our students with extended class period time allows teachers an opportunity to have their students work in a more collaborative and collegial environment. Our teachers have visited schools throughout the state and last year recommended a change in the forty minute eight period day. Beginning next year classes will follow a different schedule.

On March 9, 2017, NWR will be conducting a test run of next year’s schedule. We will be changing our schedule to a rotating drop schedule. Students will still be enrolled in eight classes, but will only meet six classes per day. The schedule will work with a four day rotation, with each class meeting three out of four days. An example of the schedule is provided for your perusal.

Along with the change in class schedule and times, our lunch schedule will also be affected. We will be moving to a unit lunch. This means that everyone, students and teachers alike, will eat lunch at the same time. Middle school students will eat in the multipurpose room, while high school students will eat in the high school cafeteria and in other designated areas around the high school. Maschio’s, our food service provider, will have multiple points of sale around the school where both hot and cold food, as well as pre-packaged goods can be purchased.

Since all students will be eating at the same time, lunch lines may be longer however, the time period for lunch is also longer. If your child normally brings a lunch, please encourage him/her to bring a lunch on March 9th as well. We will make sure that all students will have time to eat before going to their 5th period class.

March 9th is designed for us to access the effectiveness of the new schedule in our school environment. This schedule change information will be shared with your child on Monday, March 6 during his/her English class.

If you have any questions, please call me at (908)362-8211×1301.


Susan Kappler
Interim Principal