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Welcome to the North Warren Regional School District Counseling Department.


The mission of the North Warren School Counseling program is to provide a comprehensive developmental program to address the academic, personal/social, and career preparation/college planning needs as students journey through the middle and high school years.

Our goal is for students to graduate with the skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens who embrace learning as a lifelong process in a climate of mutual respect based on positive reinforcement.

Beliefs and Philosophy

The philosophy of the North Warren Regional Counseling Program is an essential and integral part to the overall educational process. Our program is built on the belief that current and future educational, career, and personal objectives are attainable when school counseling for all students is provided.

School counseling is no longer a service to be offered by one person but a program coordinated with other educators incorporating a comprehensive approach utilizing technology. Data is used to actively monitor students’ progress towards academic, personal/social, and career goals.

All students are accepted as unique individuals of worth having personal, social, and educational needs. The emphasis of our program is to maximize the potential of all students.

The counselors work with the total environment of the students within the educational framework of the District. Essential to our philosophy, is the belief that collaboration between school counselors, educators, parents, and community will insure that the needs and goals of every student are addressed so that each student can achieve success.

We welcome your continued support of the counseling program. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The North Warren School Counseling Staff

Last updated on 11/8/13.