Dress Code

Student Council has developed the following rules for dress wear (acceptable guidelines for attire at NWRSD) – no halter tops are permitted, shirts will have sleeves or straps no less than 2” wide, no clothes that expose undergarments, no shorts or skirts that are shorter than an extended arm measured to the fingertips):

1. All dress wear must be in good taste, clean, non-offensive, and non-distracting;
2. Clothing that excessively exposes the body will not be permitted;
3. No hats or headgear;
4. No Spandex, Lycra (unless covered by another pair of acceptable shorts);
5. No swimwear (bathing tops, etc.) or sleepwear, and/or;
6. No offensive garments that promote:
A. Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco
B. Obscenities/Nudity
C. Sex
D. Violence



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