Graduated Drivers License

Reflective Decals

All permit or probationary drivers under age 21 must display a reflectorized decal on each license plate (front/back) of any motor vehicle they operate.

Drivers under 21 subject to New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirements:

  • Special learner’s permit
  • Examination permit
  • Probationary license

Note: Decals must be displayed for road test of drivers under age 21. Details of these mandatory decals are as follows:

  • Each 1 ½ inch by 1 inch, reflectorized decal is red in color and made with removable, 3M Dual Lock® material
  • One decal must be displayed on the upper left corner of the front license plate and one on the upper left corner of the rear license plate
  • Failure to display the decals during operation of a vehicle by a learner’s permit, an examination permit or probationary license holder, who is subject to the GDL requirements, is a violation subject to a $100 fine. See N.J.S.A. 39:3-13.8.
  • Decals are available at local motor vehicle agencies, $4 per pair (initial or replacement); decals, sold as pairs only, can be purchased by anyone – permit holder, probationary driver or parents
  • Drivers who are not subject to Kyleigh’s Law should remove decals prior to operating the vehicle
  • Refer to instructions for attaching decals to apply to license plates

Graduated Driver License restrictions

Supervision requirements for permit holders

All special learners permit and examination permit holders must be accompanied by an adult supervising driver in the front seat who must possess a valid New Jersey driver license, be at least 21 years of age and licensed to drive for at least three years.

Passenger restriction

The driver may only transport one passenger*
Exceptions: this restriction is waived if the driver is accompanied by a parent or if the passengers are the driver’s dependents (children)*
*Passenger restrictions and exceptions are applicable to all probationary, examination and special learners permit drivers

Hours of operation

No driving between 11:01 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Seat belt requirements

All occupants must be properly restrained

Hand-held or hands-free interactive wireless communication device use restriction

Drivers cannot use cell phones (hand-held or hands free), hand-held video games or any other hand-held wireless electronic devices (i.e., iPods, GPS)

Exceptions Waived in the event of an emergency

Decal requirements

All permit and probationary license holders under the age of 21 must display a red decal on the front and rear license plate of the vehicle they are operating

Parent Information

Parents can get a FREE verbal drivers abstract of his/her daughter who has a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) by calling 1-609-292-6500 or 1-888-486-3339.

When calling must supply parent and teen’s names, date of birth, address and driver’s license number. You will be supplied with accidents, violations, municipal court & MVC administrative actions, privilege status

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