Meals Plus / K-12 Payment Center

➢ Make meal payments on the internet using your credit card
➢ Check your child’s meal account balance
➢ See what your child is buying at school

This memo is to give you information about the Meals Plus / K-12 Payment Center / Lunch
Prepay program used at North Warren Regional. Information about this program is posted
online at to help you understand the process and how
you can register your child/ren. Meals Plus K-12 Payment Program is an online payment
and monitoring program that streamlines meal payments at NWR. Using the secure site to
make your payments and monitor your student’s account will give you the assurance of
knowing what your money is used for. Using Meals Plus / K-12 Payment Center / Lunch will remove the stress that comes with making sure your student has cash for
lunch. It is an easy, secure and convenient way to pay for lunch.

Your child will need to use their student identification number to purchase lunch or other
items from the cafeteria. This is the same identification number they will use to gain access
to the computers. If you have questions, please call the Business Office at 908-362-8384.

Lunch prices are $3.50 for a regular lunch and $4.00 for a premium lunch. There are no
Reduced Price Lunch this year. If your family is approved for Free or Reduced Lunch
status, your child/ren will receive Free lunch. Lunch and Ala Carte prices have posted on
the North Warren Regional School website, Twitter page and Facebook page at the
beginning of each month.

Here are some Meals Plus/K-12 Payment Center/Lunch Facts:

• You get quick and easy access to your child’s meal account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
• The ability to see 45 calendar days of purchases and payments.
• Automated notification, via e-mail, when your child’s account balance falls below an amount you have set.
• is a commercial free site. There are no banners, no pop ups ads and no advertising.
• We do not share any information with third parties, other than your financial institution and your child’s school.
• Simple account setup process.

• For more information go to

The Meals Plus / K-12 Payment Center / Lunch Point of Service (POS) System
is used by North Warren Regional to process student lunch payments. Students will need to
use their lunch ID number in order to purchase lunch even if they are using cash. This
number will be printed as a bar code on their picture identification card, which is issued
every school year.

An individual account can be set up online for each student, which utilizes their name and
student identification number. The students currently use this ID number as their log-in
name for school computers. In order for you to begin to use the online system, your
children’s student identification number/s is needed and this will become their pin. They
should memorize this number. This number will also appear on their student picture ID card,
which will be given out as soon as pictures are processed. Your student should always wear
their ID card when at school. Until the ID cards arrive, students may use their pin number
when purchasing lunch. Once the cards are issued, students can use either their card or

You can go to for information and to start the
registration process, however, please be aware that it may take as long as 24-72 hours for
the money to show in their account. There are no fees charged or collected by North
Warren Regional School District but there is a $1.95 credit card processor bank fee charged
per transaction.



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