Expectations for students during virtual instruction

School Health-Related Closure Plan – For Students

  1. Expectations for Student Attendance
    1. Attendance will be tracked by log-ins on the Google classroom. Each teacher will post a question, prompt or Form to verify attendance.
    2. Students must sign in to all classes by 12:00 (Noon) for attendance purposes
      1. Study Hall is excluded for attendance purposes
      2. Structured Study Hall will not meet during virtual instruction
    3. Parents should still call their student in sick at ext. 1303 (or email) Ms. Cappiello at dcappiello@northwarren.org so it can be tracked daily.
    4. Students who fail to attend virtually will fall under the District Attendance Policy
      1. Loss of credit for courses may result in Attendance Credit Recovery. 
  1. Expectations for School Work Completion
    1. Classroom instruction 
      1. All classes will meet daily during virtual instruction. We will not rotate or drop courses. Students are expected to virtually attend each class. Teachers will post work and students can access it throughout the day unless a teacher specifies a time in which the assignment is due. 
      2. Each course will contain one or more activities per day per class that would take between 30-60 minutes. It may be a discussion question, it may be a video, a packet, etc. Essentially, it is up to the classroom teacher to determine what they post, when it is due and how it is graded. 

  1. What if students need help?
    1. Tech Support: Ms. Blanchette mblanchette@northwarren.org ext. 1139 or Mr. Quigley at bquigley@northwarren.org ext. 1145
    2. Question About an Assignment: Contact the teacher directly via Google Classroom. 
    3. School Counseling Office: 
      1. Mrs. Richardson lrichardson@northwarren.org 

  1. After school activities and sports
      1. When the school is closed, no activities at all of any kind including sports will be permitted to operate during the closure.