Board Meeting Schedule

January 2023 to December 2023

The monthly public meetings of the North Warren Regional Board of Education will be held as per the following schedule at 6:00 p.m., in the Media Center of the North Warren Regional School District, 10 Noe Road, Blairstown, NJ.

Committee Work Session meetings will meet as needed on Monday evenings.

Special meetings will be advertised and posted as needed.

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9-Jan6:00 PMReorganization Meeting
6-Feb6:00 PMRegular Meeting
13-Feb6:00 PMSpecial Meeting (Strategic Plan)
13-Mar6:00 PMSpecial Meeting (Strategic Plan)
20-Mar6:00 PMRegular Meeting (Preliminary Budget)
24-Apr6:00 PMRegular Meeting (Budget Adoption)
15-May6:00 PMRegular Meeting
22-May6:00 PMSpecial Meeting (Strategic Plan)
30-May6:00 PMSpecial Meeting
12-Jun6:00 PMRegular Meeting
17-Jul6:00 PMRegular Meeting
28-Aug6:00 PMRegular Meeting
18-Sep6:00 PMRegular Meeting
16-Oct6:00 PMRegular Meeting
13-Nov6:00 PMRegular Meeting
11-Dec6:00 PMRegular Meeting

Distribution of this Notice

~ Members of the NWR Board of Education and Board Attorney
~ Township Clerks and Boards of Education: Blairstown, Knowlton, Frelinghuysen and Hardwick
~ Warren County Superintendent of Schools
~ Legal ad in the NJ Herald



10 Noe Road, Blairstown,
NJ 07825


Phone (908) 362-8211
Fax (908) 362-7353

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