Staff Directory

Dial: 1 (908) 362-8211. Wait for the automated greeting, then dial the extension:

District Administration
Sarah Bilotti 1203 District Office Superintendent
Jennifer Kerr 1205 District Office Business Administrator
Joe Beckert 1115 Security Director of School Security
Brian Gravatt 1130 Athletics Director of Athletics
School Administration
Jeanene Dutt 1302 Main Office Principal
Tina Ritchie 1114 Main Office Director of Student Services
James Haupt 1126 Main Office Supervisor of Science, Math, Careers, Tech. Ed, Health/PE
Jeff Louw 1141 IT Director of Technology
Loren Marcus 1404 Special Services Supervisor of Special Services
Kevin Morley 1129 Main Office Supervisor of Arts and Humanities
Instructional Support Staff
Marinelle Blanchette 1139 IT Educational Data Analyst
Dot Cappiello 1303 Main Office Attendance
Bob Cooper - Buildings and Grounds Custodian
Richard Decker 1125 Buildings and Grounds Building & Facility Supervisor
Beth Ann Dispoto 1113 School Counseling Office School Nurse
Maschios Food Service 1123 Food Services Food Services
Sotie Hambos 1204 District Office Human Resources & Payroll
Andrew Kennedy 1125 Buildings and Grounds Grounds Supervisor
Maureen Konecnik 1501 School Counseling Office Registrar
Maren Kuhar 1203 District Office Accounts Payable
Joan Pellicier 1301 Main Office Secretary Main Office
Brian Quigley 1145 IT Technology Support Specialist
Jason Reed - Buildings and Grounds Custodian
Eileen Schneider 1131 Athletics Trainer
Joshua Simmons - Buildings and Grounds Custodian
Diana Wagner 1405 Special Services Special Services Secretary
Anthony Wyhopen - Buildings and Grounds Custodian
School Counseling Office
Marcy Drum 1502 School Counseling Office Counselor
Jay Hill 1505 School Counseling Office Counselor
Terri Quinn 1138 School Counseling Office Middle School Counselor / Testing Coordinator
Lauren Richardson 1506 School Counseling Office Counselor
Special Services
Beth Answorth 1406 Special Services School Social Worker
Vanessa Bisco 1407 Special Services Speech Language Therapist
Phillip Kinney 1402 Special Services LDTC
Career and Technical Education
Samuel Casqueira 2536 Career and Tech Ed Teacher
Amy Horn 3516 Career and Tech Ed Teacher
Karen Black 2503 English Teacher
Jessica Koppinger 2507 English Teacher
Christine Serzan 2520 English Teacher
Sean Wilson 2551 English Teacher
Health and Physical Education
Brian Drum 3504 Health, & Phys Ed Teacher
Jill Masker 2523 Health, & Phys Ed Teacher
Adrianna Suk 2537 Health, & Phys Ed Teacher
Charles Tillou 2553 Health, & Phys Ed Teacher
Sandy Toronzi 2543 Health, & Phys Ed Teacher
Kellen Bradley 2534 Math Teacher
Tanya DeMonte 3511 Middle School Teacher
Ryan Lobb 2519 Math Teacher
Amy Pergola 2516 Math Teacher
Media Center
Alyssa Eisner 1120 Media Center Specialist Teacher
Middle School
Kelly Beam 3501 Middle School Teacher
Dana Dagon 3506 Middle School Teacher
Colleen Dellabella 3503 Middle School Teacher
Devon Gehris 3512 Middle School Teacher
Cynthia Hughes 3520 Middle School Teacher
Margaret Morokutti 3510 Middle School Teacher
Jennifer Romeo 3517 Middle School Teacher
Scott Stoll 3523 Middle School Teacher
Stephen Straub 2542 Middle School Teacher
Ivy Yiu 3529 Middle School Teacher
Alexander Beim 2549 Science Teacher
Barbara DeRenzo 2510 Science Teacher
Christine Erickson 3524 Science Teacher
Jennifer Trezza 2539 Science Teacher
Social Studies
Jason Davis 2508 Social Studies Teacher
Chris Messina 2529 Social Studies Teacher
Carie Murphy 2530 Social Studies Teacher
Leslie Woodworth 2511 Social Studies Teacher
Special Studies
Dawn Esposito 3509 Special Services Teacher
Barbara Fernandez 3530 Special Services Reading Specialist
Stacey Fluri 2544 Special Services Teacher
Chelsea Gallagher 3519 Special Services Teacher
Rosemary Geueke - Special Services Special Services Aide
Sandy Gilfillan - Special Services Special Services Aide
Loretta Handy 3502 Special Services Teacher
Cheryl Harris - Special Services Special Services Aide
Christopher Jones 2526 Special Services Teacher
Richard Lerner - Special Services Special Services Aide
Michael Licata 3531 Special Services Teacher
Jen Mercurio - Special Services Teacher Assistant
Cathrine Morreale - Special Services Special Services Aide
Kenneth Morris 2506 Special Services Teacher
John Palmer 2556 Special Services Teacher
Rachel Pier 2513 Special Services Teacher
Amanda Potestio 2557 Special Services Teacher
Dawn Sell 3526 Special Services Teacher
Deborah Simpson - Special Services Special Services Aide
Robert Steingall 2541 Special Services Transition Coordinator
Leah Thorn - Special Services Special Services Aide
Cynthia Tracey - Special Services Special Services Aide
Alyssa Wetzel 2548 Special Services Teacher
Sara Wilson 2505 Special Services Teacher
Gerhard Woyzichowsky 3535 Special Services Teacher Assistant
Visual & Performing Arts
Emily Dewey 3550 Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
James Hansen 3507 Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
Kelly LaVerde 2535 Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
Vynessa Wyker 2525 Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
Ryan Zuccheri 2550 Visual and Performing Arts Teacher
World Languages
Amanda Abbiate 3522 World Languages Teacher
Sarina Roman 2524 World Languages Teacher
Marcos Tirado 2528 World Languages Teacher


10 Noe Road, Blairstown,
NJ 07825


Phone (908) 362-8211
Fax (908) 362-7353