Morning Drop Off

 The new student drop off pattern that was instituted here at North Warren last year has been working well and much more efficiently than the previous system. However, some problems have recently come to light and this communication is to remind you of the way this system works best.

     All drivers must pull up to the farthest available spot. This reduces any back up and allows multiple vehicles to drop off simultaneously. Also, after dropping a student off, NEVER PASS A VEHICLE IN FRONT OF YOU!  For safety reasons, all exiting vehicles should proceed single file to the turn around circle. 
     No vehicles should be entering from Rt. 94 at any time. This necessitates driving past students that are walking through the student parking area and creates an unsafe environment. The circle will be coned off again, starting Oct. 26th. and no vehicles will be allowed to enter the drop off area from Rt. 94. 
     Please review this video and call extension 1115 if you have any questions.
     Your adherence to these simple rules will help ensure the safety of our staff and students. Thank you for your assistance.