Update for fully-virtual students: Zoom schedule

To all NWR Parents and Students,

After an analysis of information and data on our Hybrid schedule and in working with our teacher council, we have decided to make adjustments to our “bell schedule” for our fully virtual students.

We currently have three groups of students designated in Genesis; Groups 1, 2, and 3. Groups 1 and 2 are our Hybrid students, who report to campus 2 days a week. Group 3 is designated for our fully-virtual students. To date, Group 3 students have been following the Group 2 virtual/Zoom schedule. This was determined in the summer before we started our Hybrid Model, but we have now discovered that this has created an imbalance of students during Zoom lessons due to more students opting for virtual only instruction.

Starting on Monday, October 5th, all Full Virtual Group 3 students will follow a Zoom schedule based on their original cohort group. This is designated in Genesis by either Group 3 (Virtual only follow Group 1) or Group 3 (Virtual only follow Group 2). By adhering to the original group assignment/schedule, it will create more evenly distributed class meetings. This is important not only for a balance of students in Zoom lessons, but it will also increase engagement and interaction between students and teachers.

Zoom expectation for updated rotation

Group 3 (Virtual only follows Group 1) should expect to Zoom with teachers on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Friday.

Group 3 (Virtual only follows Group 2) should expect to Zoom with teachers on Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.

Students should be able to see their rotation group on Genesis under your photo. If you have any questions, reach out to the teachers for clarification on times/days.