For students seeking working papers

The State of New Jersey temporarily suspended the in person filing of working papers.
Please download the A300 (copy of the working papers in pdf format)
The minor seeking employment – fills out section A, and signs their name under section F – signature of Minor. Please make sure you fill out all information ie: height, weight, SS# etc. Working Papers cannot be processed with missing information.
Your employer fills out and signs section B, then forward it to your doctor so they can complete section C.
Section E: School Record – the School that the minor attends must fill this section out.
Please note: All information must be filled out on the same form.
Email the completed form in PDF format (scanned copy) with a copy of your birth certificate to:
Section F: Will be filled out by NWR and filed with the State of NJ.
A completed copy will be returned to you by email. You print it out and give it to your employer.