For students seeking working papers

Please direct all questions about Working Papers to Ms. Konecnik via email at or by phone at (908) 362-8211, Ext. 1501.

Click on the link below for the blank Working Papers form. You can also visit the NJ Department of Labor website and search “Working Papers – Form A300.

Complete the following sections in full before submitting your working papers to Ms. Konecnik. She cannot approve Sections E and F unless your documents are completed.

Section A – Minor’s Personal Information

Make sure all personal information is completed, along with the Social Security Number and Parent/Guardian Signature.

Section B – Employment Information

The employer must complete this section including hours of work and wages, along with employer signature and date.

Section C – Physician’s Certification

Your doctor must complete this section, sign, and date. If you participate in a sport at NWR, you can request a copy of your latest physical exam form from Ms. Dispoto.

Section D – Proof of Age

See Ms. Konecnik to make sure that we have a copy of your Birth Certificate on file. If we do not have a copy, you will need to provide a copy.

Section E – School Record

Ms. Konecnik will complete this section for you.

Section F – Issuing Officer Certification

Signature of minor and date to be completed by the student. Ms. Konecnik will complete the rest. She will file the form with the State of New Jersey and return your originals to you for the employer.