Information for Trenton Trip 3/5/19

Information for students attending the Trenton trip on Tuesday, March 5:

Students, please dress in layers and dress warm, the temperatures in Trenton will be below freezing and we will be outside.  Bring hand warmers, hats, gloves, and wear snow pants, hunting bibs, etc.

Wear comfortable, warm shoes – we will be standing and we may need to walk several blocks to reach the State House.

Before leaving, students will have an opportunity to enter the school cafeteria early to purchase grab and go items such as sandwiches and snacks.  Please listen for an announcement in the morning calling you down.

There are very limited bathrooms in Trenton!  Please be mindful of this when planning your snacks.

Please plan to wear white or North Warren gear/colors.

We may be told that we cannot bring bags/backpacks to the rally site so please plan accordingly, items may be left on the bus but items of value should be kept in pockets or left at home.

If you wish to bring a sign you may do so but please refrain from negative statements.