Middle School Student Council: Penny Race

Middle school student council will be holding a penny race in the month of February to raise funds to donate to the American Heart Association.

This is how it works:

There are three jars, one for Mr. Straub, one for Mr. Stoll, and one for Mr. Palmer. The teacher who earns the least amount of points will be pied in the face by the teacher who earns the most points.

Jars are placed at the end of the hallway and will be in the lunch room during lunch. For every penny added to the jar, the teacher would receive one point. Every nickel, dime, quarter, added and the teacher will lose points according to the value of the coin( -5, -10, -15, etc). A dollar in the jar and the teacher gains 100 points, etc. 

You want to put pennies and dollars in the jar of the teacher you want to have the most points. The teacher with the least points will complete the dare so block that teacher by putting silver coins in their jar.