Please call the office of Govenor Murphy regarding the State Aid loss under Chapter 67 or S2

North Warren Community,
We need everyone’s assistance TODAY pertaining to state funding!
As you know, North Warren Regional and its sending districts are losing State Aid under the 2017 Legislation now known as Chapter 67 or S2.
 North Warren will lose 25% of its TOTAL budget through this bill.  This is untenable for our efficient and small system.
At just over $15,000 per pupil, we are the most efficient secondary in the three surrounding counties and 12th most efficient in the state.
Taking a quarter of our budget without remedial measures or relief will cause catastrophic destruction to our district and region.  
 Next Tuesday, Governor Murphy will be making his FY21 Budget Address in Trenton.  Last year, over 150 North Warren students and parents attended a rally at the State House with over 5,000 participants from the Support Our Students coalition.
This year we are conducting an e-mail and phone blitz to the Governor’s Office to reinforce all the recent efforts pertaining to the issue of school funding.
Therefore, today, we are requesting that you send an e-mail to the Governor and also place a phone call to the Governor’s Office.
 Here are some talking points:
“I am calling to express my concern with the negative impact that S2 is having on my child’s education and urge that the Governor take positive action to address the critical issue of school funding.  The time for talk is over and the time to act is now.
Efficiently run districts like ours are being unfairly punished by how fast these cuts are occurring.
The timeline of the cuts should be extended to be commensurate with actual losses to student enrollment.
A plan must be implemented that ensures North Warren and all 1.4 million children in New Jersey have access to equitable educational opportunities.
New Jersey is ranked #1 in the nation for public education.  That ranking will not last if school districts must dismantle educational programming and cut staff due to the negative impact of S2.  The end result will be catastrophic for our children.    
We are joining 100 other districts in making these calls. We need your help again.  Please invest 10 minutes of your day to send an e-mail and make a call.
 Here is the contact information:
 Governor’s Office phone number: 1-609-292-6000 
E-Mail Link:
Thank you,
Sarah Bilotti