2018-19 Governors Educator Of The Year Nominations

If you wish to nominate a staff member for  the Governors Educator Of The Year please submit your nomination forms no later than 12/21/18. The nomination can be for  a Classroom Teacher or an Educational Specialist. Please go to the Main Reception area or the Main Office for a nominating form or print this and return it by December 21 Friday to Mrs. Dutt.

The criteria for the nominations and the nominating form are attached.

An  Educational Specialist  could be;
 Anti-Bullying Specialist  • Athletic Trainer
• Mathematics Specialist/Mathematics Coach • Basic Skills Teacher • Paraprofessional (Instructional only) • Behavior Specialist • Reading Specialist/Reading Coach  • Cooperative Education Coordinator/Hazardous Occupations  • School Nurse  • School Occupational Therapist  • Director of School Counseling Services/Child Study Team • School Physical Therapist  • School Social Worker  • Educational Interpreter (Cued Speech, Transliteration, Oral Interpreting, Sign Language Interpreting) • Speech Language Specialist  • Student Assistant Coordinator • Technology Coach • Guidance / School Counselor • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
 • Library Media Specialist

Nomination Form

Eligibility Criteria